The Pledge

Meticulously Planned Exodus Saga Gained Sympathy For Zionist Cause By Donald Neff
[the following will put to rest any idea that the Exodus was an impromptu reaction by a bunch of idealistic zealots woke up one morning and decided to help the Jewish cause by smuggling 4554 refugees to Palestine]This is the story of the secret American underground that after World War II helped arm the new state of Israel for its war of independence. It involved hundreds of Americans from every walk of life—millionaires and students, longshoremen and ex-GIs, Protestants and Catholics as well as Jews; an epic that turned idealists into adventurers, cynics into idealists, respectable businessmen into smugglers.The story of this incredible and dramatic race against time—to provide a state not yet born with an army that was still illegal—is told in one of the most suspenseful works of history ever published. It was an epic that contained heroism, farce, endless contradication: the Israeli air force was supplied with old Nazi fighter planes bought from Communist Czechoslovokia with money solicited from a real-estate magnate on the urging of a Socialist farmer.
Operating out of a Manhattan hotel known for its tall chorus girls and little old ladies, this same amateur underground bought a surplus U.S. Navy aircraft carrier and prepared to sail it halfway around the world in a vest-pocket replica of D-Day…Yet somehow, this dedicated band of conspirators mangaed to create an armed force out of nothing.It was 48 years ago, on July 18, 1947, that a rickety former Chesapeake Bay ferryboat sailed into Haifa harbor in northern Palestine packed with 4,554 Jewish survivors of the Nazi Holocaust.1 Here is the first problem with the story, “a rickety former Chesapeake Bay ferryboat”The old ferry boat, originally called President Wakefield, had been bought by a group of Jewish Americans called the Sonneborn Institute after New York Jewish millionaire Rudolf G. Sonneborn. [this is an incomplete sentence, after Sonneborn did what?, he was the founder of the institute, began in the summer of 1945, Jews’ Secret Fleet: The Untold Story of North American Volunteers … – Google Books Result ‘murray S. Greenfield, Joseph M. Hochstein – 2010 – History – 212 pages

Why would Rudolph, a Jewish millionaire in 1947, purchase a rickety former Chesapeake Bay ferryboat that might not even make the Journey across the Atlantic let alone from France to Haifa?

At the end of World War II freighters were a dime a dozen, and Rudolph wasn’t just a millionaire, Rudolf G. Sonnnborn, one of the most important, yet most private of men, in Jewish history is considered the man “who launched a nation” when he put up the money to buy “a rickety former Chesapeake Bay ferryboat.

”The Pledge by Leonard Slater is the only place you will ever read about the meticulous plan implemented by Rudolf G. Sonnnborn, one of the most important, yet most private of men, in Jewish history.

The Pledge, is also the only documentation of the Meticulously Planned Exodus Saga. The saga has everything,  mystery, intrigue, defiance of the U.S. ban on shipments of war materials and violation of The US Enemy Neutrality Act (which had never been invoked since it became law in 1776), ingenious maneuvering, secretive meetings and purchases, hidden shipments and even the sexual encounter of a Central American 1.

The balance would shift even more dramatically if displaced European Jews were allowed entry to Palestine.5But the arabs would abandon their pledge and dump it in the hands of the UN.18 February – British Foreign Minister Ernest Bevin announces that the United Kingdom has decided to give up its mandate over Palestine and allow the United Nations to determine the country’s future.



If being a millionaire in 1947 doesn’t impress you then read his obit:

Writing his obituary in the New York Times on June 4th 1986, Wolfgang Saxon described Rudolf as a ““New York Industrialist, a longtime leader of the American Zionist movement and one of the most prominent fund-raisers for the young state of Israel in the 1940’s and 1950’s…“Mr. Sonneborn had a successful business career dealing with petrochemicals and specialty petroleum products. But he was better known for his friendships, going back to 1919, with such future Israeli leaders as David Ben-Gurion and Dr Chaim Weizman. Through them his name became prominently linked with the famous ship Exodus and other American efforts to send supplies and materiel to Palestine as the Jewish community there girded for a war of independence.Once Israel was established, Mr. Sonneborn was in the forefront of campaigns that raised hundreds of millions of dollars for Israel. He became a familiar figure at dinners and other events, exhorting American Jews to dig deeper into their pockets to help a flood of hundreds of thousands of Jewish refugees settle in Israel.”,9171,810661,00.html

“Stop the Presses!” As for 1958, Publisher Schiff probably would have insisted on a first-instance endorsement of Rockefeller (“I love Nelson”), if he had not had breakfast in Manhattan with Vice President Nixon (“Nixonism has replaced McCarthyism as the greatest threat to the prestige of our nation today”). Then Governor Harriman gave her a reason—by implying, in a radio broadcast, that Rockefeller was pro-Arab and anti-Israel. En route to Baltimore to visit the ailing mother of her fourth husband, Philanthropist Rudolf G. Sonneborn (and co-chairman of Democrats for Rockefeller), Dolly brooded and made up her mind.
Read more:,9171,810661,00.html#ixzz1BfWlUM8P


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